Biometric Banking

  • The integration of biometrics in online banking provides the opportunity to offer safer payments and transfers. It allows customers to authenticate their transactions using their fingerprints, face, eyes from any corner of the world. Therefore, the growing affection of biometrics in the banking sector is one major trend to watch out for.
  • Why use biometrics in banking
  • Passwords are no more reliable
    Customers have high security concerns
    Customers appreciate biometric authentication
  • Biometric banking to build a secure banking environment.
  • Our bank ensuring security and building customer trust in an ever more digital and mobile world through biometric identification and strong authentication platforms. From creating an account to routine transactions, we provide powerful identity management solutions and deliver trust, fighting fraud and identity theft.
  • Our proposes a full range of solutions to improve customer on-boarding experiences in a secure, simple and ergonomic way, thanks to biometrics. Shri Vinayak Sahakari Bank use biometrics to improve relationship with our customers, & secure daily operations for accessing services.

  • We manage our customer identities .
  • It’s solution for verifying the identity of our customers as well as take one more step to our go green concept. Data capture can be undertaken in the branch or directly from a smartphone; later, when identity verification is for example needed to perform a transaction, the selected biometrics can be used to authenticate the customer.

  • Biometric Banking as authentication factor.
  • Through fingerprints and retina scans we verify our customer’s identity. It’s use for open an account and transactions. Biometric Banking supports to enhance security, solve PIN management issue and provide a secure and simplified customer experience.