• As we know E-Stamping, is a process of actually getting the documents stamped.This process includes getting the documents marked or stamped, indicating that the documents are legal and the stamp duty levied on the documents has been paid.
  • For this, you have to first prepare the documents. These documents are then taken to a Bank. Once the stamp duty is paid, the bank will mark the documents to indicate that the stamp duty has been paid. The said documents need to be signed after E-Stamping them.
  • Alternately, one can also buy printed stamp papers. These are documents that have already undergone the process of E-Stamping. The payable stamp duty is included in the cost of the papers. Hence, these documents are ready to be just signed and registered.
  • We are providing this service presently at our branch :
  • The timing of this service is 10 AM To 6 PM from Monday to Saturday and (2nd and 4th Saturday holiday). The E-Stamping of a stamp will be carried out only after the receipt of cash or realization of cheque/ pay-order/ draft.